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Anston Park Infant School Park Avenue North Anston Sheffield S25 2QZ

School Aims

High Expectations
To have high expectations and provide the best possible education for children based on high quality teaching and learning to achieve the highest possible standards, preparing them for a future of economic and emotional well being
Safety and Security
To provide a secure and safe environment which helps children to gain confidence and raise their self esteem. To provide a warm and welcoming environment for children and adults
Behaviour and Discipline
To have behaviour and discipline that is founded on respect, responsibility and good relationships. The ultimate aim being a responsibility for one's own behaviour, making a positive contribution to society
To form a school community which secures a partnership between children, the school, family, governors and the wider community where there is genuine collaboration, support and understanding leading to enjoyment and achievement for all
To develop children's knowledge and understanding of how to live a healthy lifestyle