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Anston Park Infant School Park Avenue North Anston Sheffield S25 4BT

Pupil Premium Grant April 2014 - March 2015

Total number of pupils on roll
Total number of pupils eligible for Pupil Premium
Amount of Pupil Premium received per pupil
Total amount of Pupil Premium received

Summary of Pupil Premium Grant Spending

Continue non-teaching Deputy Head Teacher - full time.
Deputy Head continues to support in improving the quality of teaching and learning across school through modelling lessons and supporting planning.
Deputy Head able to track carefully all pupil's progress and target interventions to raise attainment.
Improved teaching and learning across school.
All pupils tracked cosely.
Continue with additional teaching assistants.
£part salary
To enable all classes to have full-time support every morning in Maths and Enlish to raise attainment.
To target pupils and support them on interventions including Talk Boost, Better Reading and Early Literacy Support (ELS) and 1stclass@number to raise attainment.
Improved outcomes for all children - including self-confidence.
Targeted children making better than expected progress.