Jenny Tong Olympic Athlete!

by Mrs Roberts in class 5

Jenny Tong Olympic Athlete! by Mrs Roberts
In association with Inspired Through Sport we had an exciting visit from Jenny Tong, a weightlifter today. We started the day with an assembly led by Jenny where she shared her sporting journey with the children making sure they knew what hard work and dedication can lead to. We then went outside and completed some fun fitness exercises including star jumps, long jumps, lunges, press ups and sit ups. We then had long jump and press up races which they really enjoyed. At the end of the session the children had an opportunity to ask Jenny some questions. Some of these were, "What is the heaviest you can lift?" (180kg) "How old are you?" (22) "How big are the weights?" (huge!) The children had a fantastic morning and were so enthusiastic about sport when they came back to the classroom which is just what we wanted! Thank you to all the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who have helped to raise funds for not only our GB sporting stars but also our school to help us by new PE equipment! The children are now looking forward to the prizes they are going to receive for their sponsored efforts!

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