Science Week

by Mrs Frogson in class 1

Science Week by Mrs Frogson
We have been celebrating science week in class 1. First by setting up an experiment to focus on the enquiry type - changes over time. This investigation was set up during our remote learning to test the stem question 'Does hand washing make a difference?'. We used three slices of bread and placed them all in a transparent bag. One slice we did not touch, one we touched before washing our hands and the last one when our hands were clean. Only the slice touched with unclean hands became mouldy demonstrating yet again the importance of hand washing.

As part of the whole school science STEM task we all worked in groups to create the tallest standing tower using just 30 sheets of paper and masking tape. We had just 30 minutes to complete this task and our highest tower was 101cm which was amazing!

To finish the week we focused on the enquiry - comparative and fair testing. We demonstrated building a balloon rocket and observed how it moved and why it moved. In our class we all decided what we would like to compare by fair testing. Some children chose the shape of balloon, type of straw or angle of the string. Our photographs show how we investigated all of the possible tests fairly.

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