Phonic lesson for parents

by Miss Holland in class 6

Phonic lesson for parents by Miss Holland
Thank you to all the parents who attended our phonic lesson last week, it was great to see so many of you working alongside the children and supporting them with their learning activities. As part of the lesson the parents were able to see how we teach a new letter sound to the children and they then joined in with the activities we planned to help the children practise a new sound. The children had a great time showing their grown ups how they could read sentences and match them to pictures, read words containing our new 'oa' sound, read and write simple words, play phonic games on the computers, read books and spell words with letters in the water.
If you need any further advice on how to support your child with their phonics learning at home please do not hesitate to ask. Remember the espresso and phonics play websites provide lots of free games to help the children practise their phonics.

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