Whirlow Hall Farm

by Class 6 in class 6

Whirlow Hall Farm by Class 6
Today we had a very busy and brilliant trip to Whirlow Hall Farm! We toured the farm and saw pigs and their piglets, cows, chickens, ducks, goats, sheep and lambs, ponies and horses, guinea pigs and rabbits. We saw where the animals lived and asked lots of questions about how they are cared for on the farm. The children had the opportunity to handle the hens, goats, ponies and rabbits. Through the story of The Little Red Hen we learnt how to bake bread. We found the wheat, planted it, picked it, ground it, kneaded the dough and even tasted the bread. Thank you to all the staff at Whirlow Hall Farm for showing us around and providing a very engaging workshop.

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