Happy New Year!

by Class 2 in class 2

Happy New Year! by Class 2
We've had a great start to 2018! Our new topic is 'Superheroes and Heroes'. We are really enjoying it so far! Our role play area is 'Superhero Headquarters' and our writing station was been given a superhero makeover by Jeffrey Jingle before he left us at Christmas. One of our favourite activities this week has been making our own 'Top Trumps' game by inventing our own superheroes in English. We have also found out about a real life hero from long ago called Florence Nightingale. Our small world area is helping us to learn about another real life hero from long ago called Scott of the Antarctic. Brand new books have appeared in our reading zone which we have enjoyed reading this week. One of our new activities around the classroom is to hunt for different common exception words in superhero texts. It has been a SUPER week!

Happy New Year from Class 2!

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