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Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

The EYFS curriculum covers different areas of learning. There are 7 areas of learning: Prime areas - Personal, Social and Emotional Development Communication and Language Physical Development Specific areas - Literacy Mathematics Understanding the World Expressive Arts and Design The areas of learning are subdivided into 17 aspects. These are divided into overlapping age bands that culminate in the early learning goals (ELGs). It is expected that all children achieve all the ELGs by the end of F2. Prime areas Personal, Social and Emotional Development 1. Self-confidence and self-awareness 2. Managing feelings and behaviour 3. Making relationships Communication and Language 4. Listening and attention 5. Understanding 6. Speaking Physical Development 7. Moving and handling 8. Health and self-care Specific areas Literacy 9. Reading 10 Writing Mathematics 11. Numbers 12. Shape, space and measures Understanding the World 13. People and communities 14. The world 15. Technology Expressive Art and Design 16. Exploring and using media and material 17. Being imaginative The EYFS curriculum also highlights how young children learn, and calls these the characteristics of effective learning. These are: Playing and exploring Active learning, Creating and Thinking Critically For more information please see the links below: