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The Curriculum

Our curriculum is delivered through a theme-based approach based on the National Curriculum 2014. In this way, subjects are brought to life in a rich, exciting and stimulating way. First hand experiences such as visits, visitors and artefacts are used to enhance learning.

Cross curricular links are made to ensure the learning is meaningful and memorable.

Different aspects of the curriculum are best taught in different ways. The children will sometimes work as a class, sometimes as a group and sometimes individually. We give the children lots of praise and encouragement. Children are grouped to aid differentiation but children may move within groups throughout the year and work with other children.

Whatever the age of the children the staff's aim is that each child is doing his/her best.

The Learning Crew are high profile throughout the curriculum.

If you would like any more information about our curriculum please speak to your child's class teacher or contact school on 01909 550011. Alternatively, you can look at the class blogs to see the exciting learning opportunities our curriculum offers.